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Another new EXTRA Experience FREE to North V South Festival players !!! 



Our first ever NIGHT OPS GAME 

An extra FREE experience at the North V South Festival.

The UN Compound is a purpose built training area designed to replicate a Forward Operating Base complete with building, hesco walled compound, barbed wire, sangars, and sentry points.

BLACKOUT is a Hostage Rescue mission.

Blackout is not simply a night-time attack & defend paintball game, but instead a true NIGHT OPERATION

Ammo is limited to 200 rounds and you have a SINGLE LIFE on each visit to the operation area. 

You will have to think and act more like a true combatant than a paintballer with unlimited resources ! You will need to be stealthy throughout and extremely selective when choosing your firefights.

You will be part of a Special Forces unit of 6-12 troops.

You will be blindfolded and dropped in the dark at a random point in the operation area.

We will give you a map and a rough current location when you are deployed, and we will indicate the approximate area of the target compound.

Your unit must proceed to the target compound undetected by the defending forces who will be in patrol vehicles, foot patrols, or sentry poitions - they will be equipped with night vision, searchlights, and surprise resources!

You must then assault the compound and attempt to rescue the hostages.

If you are captured or eliminated you will be directed to a pick up point and removed from the operation area. At this point you may request to rejoin the operation and have another crack at the mission (time and player numbers permitting).

 Defending FORCE : Mission Objectives:

Secure compound

Secure Perimiter

Patrol extended perimiter

Engage Hostiles

Defend Hostages

 Defending Force will have the use of several patrol vehicles to execute extended patrols.  

 Attacking FORCE - Mission Objectives:

 Rendevous after insertion

 Establish current location

Evade Patrols

Identify & assault Compound

Rescue Hostages 

Attacking Force will receive vehicle insertion only, and will proceed on foot. 



Approximately 400 players pre-registered for the Operation prior to the pre-registration closing date. These players will be given priority entry to attempt the mission.

These units will be dropped in waves at varied locations around the operation area. Once all pre-registered players have been deployed, returning captured and eliminated players will be replaced with the next players in line.

So even if you have not pre-registered you can still have an opportunity to take part by coming to the operation start point and joining the waiting group. Pre-registered players may also rejoin the waiting group and, time permitting, have another go !