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ever single day game.

1500+ players

600+ acres

12,000,000+ paintballs





APRIL 2013

The recession strangled UK economy is at an all  time low.

The North & South differences are at an all time high.

The prosperous South blame the North for the financial mess, politicians stoke anti Northern hatred by highlighting the huge sums paid out to the North from the public purse.

The proud Northerners blame the South for allowing greedy London based bankers to plummet the country into the biggest recession ever experienced.

All out civil war looks inevitable.

As the relationship reaches breaking point the armed forces splinter and take sides -  fracturing across the northy/south divide.

North and South Generals have deployed hundreds of special forces units and lone operatives to begin the process of securing their rightful share of the country - in anticipation of a seemingly inevitable civil war.. 


special forces hit the streets

..and eventually

independance for the North..

..OR victory to the South.


Special Forces units have carved up the country and have set up 4 major checkpoints to monitor movements of civilians and restrict deployment of the opposite sides units.

They face off in an increasingly fragile peace across the checkpoints.

As we approach the fatal May Bank Holiday weekend, the anniversary of many previous North V South struggles..




 North V South CHECKPOINT Big Game