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(Dismounted Close Combat Trainer)

DCCT Simulator 

Once again we are delighted, and extremely grateful to the army to offer a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to experience a session in the armys state of the art DCCT trainer system based at Swynnerton


Please note places are limited and on a first come first served basis. This will be a very busy activity and there may be queues.


Video Gaming with REAL weapons

army logo north v south big game


dcct trainer warped big game paintball festival

army dcct trainer warped paintball festival

dcct simulator combat trainer warped big game

This incredible system links real weapons with video training technology to create real-time battle situations for active service training.


Civilians are not normally permited anywhere near this system. We owe a great thanks to our army colleagues who have once again worked wonders to get us permission to use the equipment.

Army personnel will brief all participants in the use of the system, and a Range Officer will control the battle session.







North V South in video...


simply EPIC  ! 


TWO  EXTRA games...


ALL for ONE festival Ticket..  

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