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Jay "Bushman" Garcia : Defending Force 
Not too much is known about Jay and his Hostile Intentions squad.  
This clandestine unit appears   in scenario and  mil-sim events   throughout Europe -often    summoned for collaboration or support of other squads requiring their specialist skills. 
Super fit and super commited -   actively serving with the US Forces   -   Jay and the squad train and instruct in the arts of Urban Combat,  Close Quarters Combat, and Search & Rescue. 
Veterans of several North V South Big Games - They were the  last team to actually lead the South to victory in 2010 , after having  won Best Squad in 2009. 
Jay knows how to organise and execute successfull defensive tactics and is confident that NO SQUAD will get through his defenses to rescue the hostages. He intends to spring some big surprises and swiftly engage & eliminate attacking units.
If you are playing on the defensive side  expect to be part of a highly organised force. You will be allocated to Vehicle Patrols, Foot Patrols, Rapid Response, or Close Defence units. Expect to be hunting or repelling many waves of small attacking units. 
YOU ! :
Attacking Force 
The attacking forces have NO GENERAL and NO CENTRAL COMMAND. 
Autonomous squads   of 6-12 players will be inserted into the game zone at random points and in staggered   waves. 
Your mission, as an elite Special Forces unit, is to avoid the patrols and proceed to the Target Compound to attempt a rescue assault. 
You may rendevous or collaborate with other units on the ground. 
You may engage defending patrols but will have to choose your fights wisely as you will have severly LIMITED RESOURCES. 
If you choose to play on the attacking side remember.. this is not designed to be a fair game or a level playing field! It will be an extreme challenge to your survival instincts and your senses. 
The defenders have many resources including vehicles, lights, booby traps, and strong communications. 
Your unit will require strong leadership, perseverence, suitable kit selection, and huge slices of both bravado and luck to have any chance of rescuing the hostages !

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