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An incredible EXTRA Game FREE to North V South Festival players !!! 

Saturday 3rd May sees the latest instalment of this great game series.

UK Versus GAME 3 sees all the foreign players attending the Festival coming together under the JNTFor (Joint Nations Task Force) - and do battle with a UKCF (United Kingdom Combined Forces) team.

In 2013 the JNTFor successfully invaded the UK and established a Bridgehead.

This year they seek to strengthen their foothold and will attempt to temporarily capture a range of targets, and destroy a vital resource. 

The UKCF will attempt to limit the strategic options open to the enemy, keep all targets secure, and drive the invaders out.


Game Map and Info - click for .pdf






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800+ participants can play UKVersus 

All player booking from non-uk resident players are AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED for the JNTFor (invading) force

The first 300 NorthVSouth Festival TICKET PURCHASERS for the UK are AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED as the first wave to enter the UKVersus Game for the UKCF (defending) force. THIS WAVE IS NOW FULL. If you made this wave your event ticket will show UKVersus FIRST WAVE section highlighted.

If you have not made the first wave you may still take part by meeting at the main UKVersus muster area (this will be shown on your final EVENT MAP which comes with your ticket). There are air and chrono stations near the muster area.

The game will begin at 12:00 on Saturdat 2nd May. The game takes on a ROLLING FORMAT. As players from EITHER side LEAVE the game zone for air/paint/rest they will be replaced with the next player(s) in line. Additional players may be inserted into the game on either side by the game control staff in order to ensure a fair and well balanced battle takes place.