Intense tactical / milsim experience 

A unique experience delivered by Hostile Intentions Events

From the guys behind a unique range of tactical events including "WATERBOURNE" and "CONVOY" at NvS25, and the awesome "Hostile 13 Hour Experience".. Welcome to THE BRAVE 

OPEN to all Paintball & Airsoft players

In the dark and complex world of the WASTELANDS era, doctors are becoming extinct and a rare commodity that can tip the scales for both sides. So when the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) received word that one of its own doctors was abducted by a group with terrorist ties, two SPECOPS squads of highly trained CQB specialists are sent on a rescue mission into the business sector of the wastelands. But here’s the catch: The terrorist group don’t ransom doctors. Instead, they behead them. Moreover, additional INTEL suggests a bomb is set to detonate in one of the buildings containing possibly the last life-saving medicine to combat the Wasteland virus strain.
Enroute to their mission, the teams’ mission were compromised. Instead of 24 hours, they now have 15 minutes from INFIL to disarm the bomb AND rescue the doctor, as well as EXFIL him safely out of the danger zone.



This Experience is available FREE to all North V South PLAYER Ticket holders. THE BRAVE takes around 15 minutes, after a short briefing, so you should be able to squeeze this one into your busy weekend schedule at you leisure.


The activity runs throughout the day on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th May. Sessions run on a first-come first-served basis. Look on the Festival Map (in your player pack) and make your way to the activity on foot, or take one of the free festival shuttle buses to the relevant activity STOP. Simply arrive and wait to join the next available Paintball or Airsoft session.


You do not need any specialist equipment to take part, just take your regular kit and ammo, and be ready to play on arrival. Top-up air is available at the activity, but we advise you to visit the main air station for a full fill (and check your marker at the chrono station) before arriving at the activity - Air Station and Chrono Station are situated in the main muster area which is easy to spot.

Activity provided by HOSTILE INTENTIONS