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UK VERSUS is a 90 minute Scenario Game which runs TWICE on the Saturday of the Festival.

All non-UK players combine to battle together as the JNTFor (Joint Nations Task Force). 

The JNTFor play the scenario TWICE. In the morning against the UKCF (UK Combined Forces) SOUTH Division, and in the afternoon against the UKCF NORTH Division. All UK players booked for the NVS SURVIVORS BIG GAME receive automatic entry to the NORTH or SOUTH UKCF teams.

  11:30 - Game 1 - JNTFor V THE NORTH

  14:00 - Game 2 - JNTFor V THE SOUTH

UKCF advance
shield wall on the move
heavy incoming
Mini Assault Craft in play
euroV at north v south festival
woodland trails
smuggling bootleg to score
viking at UK Versus
river patrol UK Versus
2018 EuroVersus Generals
heavy woodland
Tank V Shields !! good luck !
compound defence
enola gaye smoke screen
chrono area
down n dirty
UKCF entry point
How it works.. 

Some elite scenario squads from around the world make the annual trip to the UK for North V South. 

TOGETHER they are the JNTFor

nations-flags North V South.png

Each game will begin with an equal number of UK and JNTFor players.


For GAME 1 the UK NORTHERN team will take on the mighty JNTFor. For GAME 2 the UK SOUTHERN team will take up the challenge.


After the first 15 minutes of each game, the UK teams will be able to receive additional forces as the game unfolds.

UK VERSUS can accommodate over 800 players


JNTFor Team

Foreign (non Uk resident) players get automatic enrollment and a starting place as part of the JNTFor on both games.


The first 200 Festival UK TICKET PURCHASERS for each (NORTH and SOUTH) side will receive priority access to the start of the relevant game.


The remainder of the UK places for each game are allocated on a first-come first-served basis at the game muster area which is shown on the EVENT MAP which comes with your ticket. EVERYONE can join !! 

There are air and chrono stations in the muster area. Please be there in PLENTY TIME to air up and get through the chrono - remember it will be BUSY so please get there 30-60 minutes before scheduled start time.


You will then proceed to the GAME START GATE  where you will be issued with armband and join the game.


11:30 - Game 1 - JNTFor V THE NORTH

14:00 - Game 2 - JNTFor V THE SOUTH

How to take part..