Mechanical Old or New skool


5.5bps capped Electro

Fulfilling a rising demand, the guys at Mechanical Masters UK run walk-on and tournament events purely dedicated for the mechanical marker player.
Get yourself one of the latest generation mech markers, or dust off that retro mech gun, and get involved in either of these taster sessions which MM UK will deliver on the NvS weekend.



The games and 3 man tournament are available FREE to all North V South PLAYER Ticket holders. 


On Friday afternoon there is a great mini-games zone in play for mech only rolling games.

On Saturday morning another great area in play for the Mechanical Master 3 on 3 Tournament.

Sessions run on a first-come first-served basis. Look on the Festival Map (in your player pack) and make your way to the activity on foot, or take one of the free festival shuttle buses to the relevant activity STOP. Simply arrive and wait to join the next available session.


You need a mechanical marker to take part. If you dont have one we will have a number of free loan markers available for those who want to give it a try. Take your marker, some paint, and be ready to play on arrival. Top-up air is available at the activity, but we advise you to visit the main air station for a full fill (and check your marker at the chrono station) before arriving at the activity - Air Station and Chrono Station are situated in the main muster area which is easy to spot.

Activity provided by MECHANICAL MASTERS

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