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From the very start of the highly successful Diamond Wars series Gaz was a pivotal character, and has been commander of USDE, HMC, and CPM factions over the years. Gaz has gone on to become a respected player and leader in a wide range of tournament, scenario, and big game formats.

Gaz Jones  began playing in 1998,  joining the Sneaky Snorkels team then run by his Dad and based at National Paintball Fields. As his Dads playing days wained Gaz picked  up the reins of the team  -  presiding over an  an unbeaten run in woodland events for 3 full seasons notching up successes  in the tippmann challenge series at NPF and elsewhere. 





In 2015 Gaz took on his biggest role to date as general of the NORTH forces. His direct no-nonsense approach, aided by his experienced Sneaky Snorkels team-mates led him to a historic debut victory - no mean feat in a huge complex battle like North V South.  


Gaz once again intends to lead from the front - and cement the Northern domination with back to back victories at this years North V South RULE BRITANNIA.




Over the coming weeks Warped will be passing intel to the Generals including the contact details for the larger teams/squads booked in for their respective armies. The Generals will liaise with some of these groups to discuss tactics. 

The Generals will be allocating a 2ic, commanders, and staff in the countdown to game day - they would like ALL players (individuals/clubs/teams) to check in regularly with this command group at their GENERALS CONTACT PAGE on facebook..


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