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Saturday 24th July 2021

Warped Cosford

Join the North or South army to do battle in an epic single 7+ hours game. You will score for Capture & Domination of multiple fixed installations, and by completing a range of challenging  mission objectives.

Add in dynamic elements like Military Vehicles, Player Tanks, and epic pyrotechnics - all with very minimal walking to/from game entry - and we know HOMECOMING will be a very special game indeed !

Yes, we are dissapointed that Covid has once again temporarily scuppered the festival weekend, but we are SO excited to create one incredible homecoming game at the OG NvS location !

BE PART of it, this game will be remembered for a very long time.

9am START Saturday 24th JULY 2021 !!

COST is £45 per player - 2022 Festival Rollover ticket holders may play FREE

North v South is COMING HOME !!

An EPIC one-off one day North V South Airsoft BIG GAME !

Despite the postponement of the North V South FESTIVAL weekend, the NvS BIG GAME continues !!


HOMECOMING is large scale full day Airsoft Big Game. 

Brought to you by the Warped game team behind over 30 years of North V South combat gaming, in association with Ace Airsoft - on the fantastic 100 acre Cosford venue that both companies call home.

please click below and email us to let us know if you still wish to attend with your tank for Homecoming
If you wish to play Homecoming but do not already have an 
NvS ticket