An awesome scenario set in the Middle East.
Specifically created and delivered by West Midlands Airsoft for the Festival.
OPERATION DARK HORIZON will be played in two parts including a challenging and atmospheric after dark session on Friday night, and a 6 hour battle to conclusion on Saturday !
You will receive a Game Map and Mission Summary in advance and will recieve a briefing before entering the game at game entry area. 

11:00 - 17:00

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Saturday 1st Aug

Operation Dark Horizon

On 13th January 2020 Al-swina local radio station reports that pockets of violence have erupted in multiple locations along the outskirts of the city and that a UN convoy attempting to leave the city has been attacked by a large number of armed unknown fighters resulting in numerous killings and the disappearance of the convoy Vehicles.

16th January 2020 NATO confirm that the attacked convoy was carrying numerous missiles and  the dreaded nerve agent nz13 which was discovered it late December 2019 by American military forces conducting raids within the city. The nerve agent and missiles where quickly secured and moved to an unknown military location.

30th July 2020 credible Intel shows that the missiles and nz13 agent are in Southern Libya and in the possession of the Abtu rebel front (ABR) who intend to use the missiles on western soil.

31st July 2020 with the ABR identified as a clear and present danger to the West, American special Forces are deployed into the area in an attempt to recover the missiles and the nz13 nerve agent at all costs…….

operation dark horizon saturday north v
PLUS: throughout Saturday..

Saturday night is the main EVENT PARTY..

Kicking off with Tank Parade, Cosplay Parade, giveaways and games.

Let your hair down and enjoy a full evenings entertainment with DJs, Live Music, Fire Dancers, Circus Performers and a chance to meet and chat with the event organisers, trade expo industry staff, and the many larger than life characters in attendance - at an unforgettable party night !!  

You may bring your own alcohol to the festival for consumption on the campsite and party area EXCEPT to the MAIN EVENT PARTY on Saturday night. Entry to the Saturday night event party is free to all festival attendees. There is a full Licenced Bar with draught beer (at pub prices not inflated festival rates!)

saturday NIGHT..

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