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Rocket Rob Daniels has been playing paintball since 1997, has been a Scenario team player for over 14 years, and currently plays an average of 10 scenario and big game events a year. He played his first NorthVSouth in 2002 and has played every one since. 


Robs previous experience includes general or faction leader roles at many scenario games, including Mayhem Pacific, and the Marines V Predator series, always assisted by his Cambridge based team Universal Exports.


In 2015 Rob took on the role of North V South General for the first time. Despite a good start and strong first half to the game, the North dominated the latter part of the scenario and almost cleared the field of the South by the end of the game, securing victory.


Rob fully intends to use last years experience to ensure the South manage their force and resources to the bitter end of North V South RULE BRITANNIA in pursuit of glory.

Over the coming weeks Warped will be passing intel to the Generals including the contact details for the larger teams/squads booked in for their respective armies. The Generals will liaise with some of these groups to discuss tactics. 

The Generals will be allocating a 2ic, commanders, and staff in the countdown to game day - they would like ALL players (individuals/clubs/teams) to check in regularly with this command group at their GENERALS CONTACT PAGE on facebook..


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