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It is with great regret that we have had to further postpone the full North V South Festival event until May 2022.

Extreme pressures on the MOD Swynnerton Training Area, caused by a huge backlog of MOD training requests on re-opening, means we simply cannot guarantee to secure the amount of space we usually occupy, for the planned July 2021 festival weekend. In addition, virtually none of our usual "non UK" visitors will likely be able to travel this summer. This coupled with the current uncertainty about the next lifting of Covid restrictions here in the UK, all mean we feel unable to guarantee to deliver the full weekend festival experience we all love, for this year.

We plan to return to normal operation with a FULL NvS Festival Weekend on the weekend of 29th April - 1st May 2022 - our "usual" pre-covid May Bank Holiday weekend. 

We would like to thank every one of you for rolling your pre-purchased tickets over thus far ! Your support has been simply overwhelming throughout the pandemic crisis ! 

ALL pre-purchased tickets remain valid for the new festival dates !! and we fully expect the next festival to be the biggest and most epic weekends we have ever enjoyed together !

In addition, by way of THANK YOU to all of you who choose to further rollover your tickets, you are invited to an extra North V South BIG GAME this July at our Cosford, Wolverhampton, venue.

North V South HOMECOMING is a one-off one day Big Game, multi objective and multi mission, in the style of the old school NvS Big Games which led to the growth of NvS to its current festival form. Two Homecoming games are planned, one for paintball and one for airsoft... check it out here!

For Paintballers this will take place on Sunday 25th July - and will be an epic and brutal battle in the same vein as classics of yesteryear like the legendary Drug Wars and similar games of that era. 

For Airsofters, North V South Homecoming will take place on Saturday 24rd July. We will partner with Ace Airsoft who already run monthly games at the site, to create an epic Big Game which takes full advantage of everything Ace and this great site have to offer !

EVERY ticket holder who chooses to further rollover their ticket (fully paid or deposit paid tickets) until the 2022 Festival, already has an automatic provisional PRIORITY BOOKING for the NvS Homecoming games !!.. we already have your booking, and for each of you the game is FREE !! - and those of you who already chose to rollover your tickets until 2022 are also automatically eligable! 

North V South Homecoming Big Games 2021


  • 400 Players (capped)

  • 100 acre game area

  • Military vehicles

  • Awesome new props & installations

  • Dynamic Respawn

  • Player Tanks permitted

  • ORIGINAL Home of North V South

  • FREE to all NvS Festival ticket holders

We totally appreciate everyone patience so far. Its been a really tough time and we have all had to make tough decisions! However we are excited to have this opportunity to at least continue the NvS Big Game franchise this year, even without the festival.

Clearly some of you will be unable to make the one day game. Whether you can make it or not you may still rollover your ticket until the 2022 festival, and will recieve extra special VIP treatment as a super supporter ! - every single player who chooses to rollover (whether you can attend HOMECOMING or not) will recieve fast track registration, and priority access to all games at the 2022 Festival !

However if you so choose, you may also of course request a refund of your ticket. We would ask you to please let us know what you want to do by completing ONE of the following short forms ...........

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