See Try Buy ALL the major product ranges in one place. HUGE Trade Expo

If its available in the UK then its likely to be on sale at the North V South Trade Expo.!

For complete start-up packages, upgrades, or the latest top end kit and tech - this is the undisputed #1 opportunity to see, touch, and try all the latest gear and goodies in one place.

Meet the traders, put a face to the companies you deal with or support - there are bargains to be had, deals to be done, beers to be drunk, and info & banter aplenty as you peruse the booths.

NvS Expo
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Trade Expo at North V South festival
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Huge choice of paintballs

You may choose to buy ANY of the major paint brands available at the event. All paint comes to North V South FRESH from the factories and, with such a huge volume being shot over the weekend - you will find it is available at the most competitive prices anywhere !

There is no advantage (although your welcome if you prefer) to pre-ordering or pre-buying ANY paint. Why pay shipping and store/transport paint when you can buy the same brand cheaper and fresher at the event anyway? 

However it is your choice not ours - you can bring and shoot any of the known brand paints.

Our advice? bring any leftover paint you have from a previous event, and take advantage of the deals on offer at NvS thereafter. Try a couple of brands/grades on arrival to find what will work best for your setup on that particular weekend !

Watch for forthcoming announcements of paint brands & confirmation of which grades will be available.


Great Airsoft Vendors

You can expect a great choice of Airsoft products from the specialist Airsoft vendors, In addition to several established North V South vendors who offer product ranges for both Airsoft and Paintball.

Add in a healthy choice of crossover products, including player Pyros, camo suppliers, on gun accessories and more.. and you wont be short of goodies to spend your heard earned cash on :)

We have openings for additional Airsoft vendors so if you are a trader or have a preferred supplier who might like to be involved just drop us a message !

Check back here or our North V South Airsoft Festival facebook page for forthcoming announcements of airsoft vendors and brands as we complete the arrangements closer to the event.