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North V South  700+ acres
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North V South FIBUA building
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North V South  perimeter assault
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North V South hilltop buildings
North V South building assault
North V South  building C8
North V South  blast walls
North V South  building defence
North V South   bailey bridge


DIO (Defence Infrastucture Organisation) Swynnerton.

ST15 0QN. Staffs. UK.


This INCREDIBLE facility is a highly active current military training area. Warped work closely with the MOD and their management partners to utilise this amazing training resource for the North V South Festival.. We liaise with all parties including military units, to ensure a safe & successful sharing of the area. 

The main events/games  take place in substantial parts of the 700 acre training area. Exact areas (subject to military training changes) will be shown on the GAME MAP for each game / activity when it is released nearer the festival date.



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NorthVSouth2020 event map WEBPAGE

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From North - Junction 15 M6

From South - Junction 14 M6

You can walk to any of the game /activity zones throughout the weekend. Use your Festival Map, the fixed maps situated centrally, and everything is signposted.


Alternatively you can jump on the Festival Shuttle Bus to get to/from the zone you need. 

There is a main bus terminus centrally and a bus stop at each of the zones. 

In addition, over the weekend, some of the larger games may utilise the shuttle bus for specific periods for games entry/exit.

NvS BattleBus

DIO Swynnerton Training Area stands on the site of a WW2 Royal Ordnance Filling Factory built in 1941.

The site was closed in 1957 but reactivated in 1962 with a plan to use two of the semi-sunken explosives magazines as the civil defence Group Control for North Staffordshire and Stoke.

Today a number of the underground bunkers are in use for training and support purposes.

For North V South we utilise Bunker6 for accommodation, staff & generals meetings in two briefing rooms, staff/contractor charging room and Game Control HQ.

We use two other bunkers, 7 & 8, for event storage and as backup player staging area in case of inclement weather.

bunkers at North V South

If you are camping (or sleeping offsite) during your NvS Festival weekend and would like to visit the bunkers please just ask at Event Registration and we will arrange access (or walk-though with staff) so you can check out these historic structures.

underground bunkers..


DIO Swynnerton is a highly active training facility. We may be sharing some of the areas over the weekend with military units completing training.

Please comply with all event & military staff instructions & signage.

Please ensure you read all instructions/rules provided about the camping area in your player pack.

The training area often has Continental RIGHT HAND DRIVING rules in place for current training. There are also restricted areas, moving military vehicles, razor & barbed wire, and a large amount of spent ordnance - which should NOT be touched if found.

camp entrance swynnerton